Hello! My name is Marita Āboltiņa. I am the founder of Latvian natural cosmetics brand MARUSHA, a certified formulator of natural haircare and skincare cosmetics. We are located in Latvia and our products contain lots of plants and flowers grown and ethically sourced in our forests and meadows.

The brand MARUSHA is established by my family and it is based on family values, openness and simplicity. The products are created and thoroughly tested by the founder of the brand, the mother of 3 children. Product recipes are originally created for personal use to address specific needs, such as hair loss and hair growth promotion. Seeing that the products help, we decided to offer them to other families who want to buy natural cosmetics.

Sustainable and plant-based cosmetic

Sustainable and green thinking is our way of life. We create and offer healthy and environmentally friendly cosmetics. There is nothing superfluous in our cosmetics. Each ingredient has a positive effect and does not harm people and biodiversity of nature. To be sustainable, we create multipurpose products, for instance, not only for softening and nourishing, but also with anti-inflammatory benefits. In production we use environmentally friendly extraction procedures, such as maceration, and in such way we obtain natural ingredients.

In our products we use only the best quality and certified ingredients, as well as sustainably sourced Latvian wild plants and plant macerates, which we produce ourselves, ensuring high quality and effectiveness of our products. Like herbal macerates, our products are fresh and handmade, which gives our products a special value.

Environmentally friendly and practical packaging

We use simple, minimal and environmentally friendly packaging that is practical and attractive. Openness and honesty are our values therefore all product ingredients are listed on the product packaging.

Each of us is a special and beautiful wonder of nature. And so are our products.

With best wishes,  Marita and MARUSHA team

MARUSHA Owner Marita Aboltina

Marusha values