Sustainable and plant-based cosmetics
Deeply nourishing from Latvian forests and meadows

Natural and handmade cosmetic for hair and body care with nordic plants. Sustainability and Social responsibility are our values. In our cosmetic we use only carefully selected and certified ingredients and plants, because we care about human health and environment. We wish our natural cosmetic is available to everyone, because we believe:

“Each of us is a special and beautiful wonder of nature. And so are our products.”

Best Sellers

Sustainable Individual and Corporate Gifts

Looking for natural gifts which your friends, clients and customers will love? We offer unforgettable gift sets that will impress and warm everybody heart and sole. Let's make your choice!


November 17, 2002. How to develop a skincare routine? Find out in our Blog post.

September 20, 2022. NEW PRODUCTS - Marusha Wax for Hair and Mustache; Marusha Natural Lip Gloss.

September 15, 2022. NEW PRODUCTS -  Organic Coffee Soap and Linden Blossom Soap with nourishing butters and clays. Visit our shop.

May 15, 2022. NEW PRODUCT - hair and scalp regenerating HAIR OIL - for hair growth, healthy scalp and hair ends with Rosemary, Juniper, Amla oils. Read more here

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For orders over 49 EUR we offer free delivery in Latvia (code: PIEGADE).  Shop HERE.

Our Events

Markets: 11th December - X-mas Market in Ropaži. 17th/18th Decembers - "X-mas Gifts Market" in Riga Latvian Society House. 

Our products in eco shops: "Daba" shops in Latvian cities, "Dabas rezidence" in Sigulda.

Cosmetic for Hair care

Solid ShampooConditioner bars, Hair oil for hair growth for all hair types. They nourish and strengthen hair and hair roots, promote hair growth, give hair shine, volume and healthy look. Products are rich with Latvian plants (juniper, nettle).

Cosmetic for Face & Body

Face Serum with CoQ10, Broccoli Seed and Rosehip Oils is suitable for all skin types,  reduces small wrinkles, improves skin tone, rejuvenates. Body lotion bars for dry skin, Lip balm for dry lips with Calendula deeply nourish dry skin.

Organic soaps

Organic soap bars nourish skin, made from Latvian herbs, butters and oils, pure essential oils. Shaving soap with Panthenol for dry skin, Facial cleansing soap for oily skin. Dish Soap for household  - it also washes clothes and spots.


"Just after first use I felt my hair has become softer, easier to comb and to style."

After a month, my hair has become healthier, fuller, shiny and silky, my scalp is also healthy. Splitting hair is no longer noticeable and hair loss is significantly reduced. And another positive discovery. As usual, I was planning a visit to the hairdresser to color my hair, but this time I was able to postpone it, because the hair color was very well preserved, and the gray hair that should be covered was not visible at all."

Naturally nourished and shiny hairs


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